Orange Peel Free Powder Coating

Merit Aluminum's Vertical Powder Line is the newest and most technologically advanced powder line in North America. In addition, our Proprietary powder formula, produces a uniform orange peel free finish, from 1.5 to 1.8 mils thick, that meets and exceeds all AAMA 2603 and 2604 standards. For AAMA 2605 applications, our powder is 100% fluoropolymer and carries warranties up to 20 years.

  • Solvent Free; emits ZERO volatile organic compounds (VOC's). 
  • Requires 75% less energy compared to liquid paint, from coating production to the finished part. 
  • Produces a much thicker and harder coating film than conventional liquid paint.
  • Over 90% material efficiency, Liquid paint lines have 40% to 50% overspray.
  • Meets and exceeds all testing for AAMA 2603 2604 and 2605.
  • Our proprietary powder formula combined with our vertical disk application produces a defect free finish exceeding the quality of liquid paint.
  • Our Rapid Color Program delivers custom colors to us in 1 week. 
  • Our 2605 powder is 100% Fluoropolymer resin. Liquid 2605 coating are no more than 70% Fluoropolymer.
  • Merit's AAMA 2605 Warranty: 20 years for non-metallic, 10 years for metallic.