Merit Aluminums flowline free anodizing

Computer controlled Anodizing ensures not only chemical consistency in our tanks, but the time spent in the tanks as well.  There are no crane operators with timers to make mistakes, only a computer that makes decisions based on hard-coded parameters.  This produces consistency in all of our finishes including light bronze and champagne.

  • We precondition the extrusions with micro-blast stainless steel shot. This process disrupts the visual aspects of the natural flow lines produced in the extrusion process, eliminating almost all flow lines after anodizing.
  • Computer controlled chemicals testing and automated cranes ensures consistent and repeatable finishes time and time again.
  • Consistency from our 2-step Color tank, from a very light Stainless Steel look, to champagne colors, all the way to the darkest black.
  • We recycle our water cutting our water usage 25%.
  • We employ the latest in Pulse Anodizing which saves electrical energy on every order.
  • Recent reinvestment upgrades in 2017 have increased production capacity by 33%.

State of the art finishing.