Extrusions run in our veins

Three generations, extruding since 1974, the Rapport's have responded to the many changes and challenges in the aluminum extrusion industry. Without these challenges, we would not have made the changes that have brought us to where we are today.

We have close to 3 times more extrusion capacity compared to the day we opened in 1991.  Over the years we have added Anodizing and Powder Coating to our offering as well as a precision metal stamping division. We always have plans in the works that will continue to increase the value we provide to each and every one of our customers.

We learned long ago that we are part of an industry that is more comfortable looking at where they have been rather than looking to where they need to go. Fortunately for our customers, we have always had an eye on the future.

Beginning in 2006, formally Frontier Aluminum, Merit Aluminum began to shed its roots as a small boutique extruded evolving into one of the best extruders on the West Coast.  Never intending to be the biggest, Merit Aluminum only settled for the best improvements for our customers.  Having added a state of the art automated anodizing line, a fully automated 9 inch press and a state of the art "orange peel free" powder coating line, Merit Aluminum is ready for the future.  

Today, Merit Aluminum has evolved into the most innovative "finishing" extruder on the West Coast with more innovations on the way.

The results of all this effort speaks for itself.  We take it as a challenge to do what others believe is impossible. 


Fully automated handling reduces damage to the metal as well as labor costs. Innovative die designs ensure dies run with over 89% reliability at the press resulting in a higher than industry standard for on time performance.


Our UltraMat Finish is almost flow line free,  setting a new standard for the anodized extrusions.  Most of our anodizing customers are now single source with Merit as the competition cannot meet our high standards. 

Powder coating

Our proprietary powder formulas for 2603 and 2604 finishes combined with a revolutionary and patented disk spray system produces an orange peel free finish that has less visual defects than liquid coatings.  

Other operations

With capabilities from precision cutting, punching, polishing, brushing, taping, thermal break, and iso-strut, Merit is a one stop shop. Merit Aluminums sister company, Merit Stamping, a premier stamping company, gives our customers additional access to a broad range of stamped products and other of services.